Nashville Fashion Week 2014 - Saturday Runway

Cavortess kicked off the evening with eye popping bright yellow and coral blue tops and dresses.  Then Roxenstone dazzled the audience with lace, sequence, sheers, colors and metallics.  That line pretty much had a bit of everything including looks for guys and gals.  Then Jacob Holston's line went straight into guys apparel which is a first for Nashville Fashion Week to have a strong line for men.  My favorite of this year was Jonathan Kayne though, with all the sparkle and glitter that you could put on a garment and still be able to wear it somewhere.  This had to be the most photos shot back in the photography pit.  You heard nothing but shutters going non stop while this line was on the runway.  Mean while, Julia Clancey had the sleekest metallic looks with some amazing masks to follow the glitz.  And to finish it all, Rodd & Gunn nailed some of the smoothest business casual looks I have seen.  It was one of the best nights of Nashville Fashion history.