NashBeach 2016 line

The NashBeach 2016 resortwear look book has been uploaded to this site.  The manufacturing process will begin to get ready for next spring's launch.  All of this line uses dance/swimwear materials and features swimwear lining in each.  Attention to detail has been taken to eliminate seams, allowing a more comfortable fit.  The lining also ensures a smoother, more comfortable fit as well.  You will notice the addition of black leather-like material and black velvet, both of which are swimwear material.  Also, the sequence material is made of spandex, so everything is water friendly, yet glamorous for those chic pool parties!

Nashville Fashion Week 2015

This year Nashville Fashion Week featured two nights of Ready to Wear runway shows.  Tuesday night focused on a vintage-modern vibe through out the night.  From Valentine Valentine's color blocking to Pink Elephant's patterns and shimmery textures, vintage modernized loomed in every look.  Ola Mai brought an influence of a span of multiple decades into the equation as well.  Then Friday night featured a casual formal wear approach to modern style.  I felt the Religion line was the strongest in this area and provided a range of textures, patterns and colors.  The line had a distinct musical connection in most every look and could easily be worn on stage by music performers and singers.  The look of a modern emerging Nashville.

Two new swim suits are finished for Christmas!

I just finished shooting photos with the talented model Becca and mua Vanessa Belle.  Two new swim suits are freshly designed and completed.  Check out the photos on the Stealth Designs page.  More photos will be posted later.  Merry Christmas!

Busy summer!

I was so busy this summer I didn't have time to post my photos of the Symphony Fashion Show and O'More Fashion show.  The Symphony show was top notch as has become expected.  Christian Siriano put together a sophisticated and stylish collection which wow'd the crowd.  I also enjoyed the edgy looks the came out of O'More this year as seen by my "pic's" on the photo gallery.


Then I traveled to South Beach Miami to shoot photos of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim show.  It was stunning to see all these creative swimsuits going down the runway.  The patterns and colors were like none I have seen.


Later, in September I went back to Miami and was part of the RAW Miami fashion show with my line of swimwear.  It turned out to be a fun experience and the crowd had a great response to my line.  I will be back!  Also, I was able to shoot photos of many of the models on South Beach. Check out the gallery page of those photos as well.

Nashville Fashion Week 2014 - Saturday Runway

Cavortess kicked off the evening with eye popping bright yellow and coral blue tops and dresses.  Then Roxenstone dazzled the audience with lace, sequence, sheers, colors and metallics.  That line pretty much had a bit of everything including looks for guys and gals.  Then Jacob Holston's line went straight into guys apparel which is a first for Nashville Fashion Week to have a strong line for men.  My favorite of this year was Jonathan Kayne though, with all the sparkle and glitter that you could put on a garment and still be able to wear it somewhere.  This had to be the most photos shot back in the photography pit.  You heard nothing but shutters going non stop while this line was on the runway.  Mean while, Julia Clancey had the sleekest metallic looks with some amazing masks to follow the glitz.  And to finish it all, Rodd & Gunn nailed some of the smoothest business casual looks I have seen.  It was one of the best nights of Nashville Fashion history.

Nashville Fashion Week 2014 - Friday Runway

Friday night marked a first for Nashville Fashion Week were the weather cooperated with the outdoor show.  The casual looks of Skif International started the show and sported many colorful, relaxed designs which popped out against the city street scenery.  I particularly liked the bright colors of Amanda Uprichard's line and the contrasting black leather dress that still fit the line with modern lines and fit.  SW3 Bespoke finished up the night with retro inspired sophistication that had a freshness to the patterns and textures.  The fur and metallic fabric added a striking visual impact yet the line retained its "comfortable to wear it out" vibe.  It was a great way to end the evening.

Nashville Fashion Week 2014 - Tuesday Runway

It was great to see Pink Elephants Design and Black by Maria Silver again this year.  Both lines continue with a smart but funky edge, yet fresh from last year.  The coral pants with the white jacket really nailed it for me in the Pink Elephants line as it exuded a modern chic look but retained a beauty about it.  The oversize, loose weave sweater was my favorite in the Black line as it brought out a 60's retro vibe but was larger than life.  Laura Kathleen hit on some cool retro mod infused day wear as well.  All in all it was a fun fashion show with many inspired looks and moments.

Nashville Fashion Week 2013 recap

Nashville Fashion Week 2013 reached new heights Friday night.  Lagi Nadeau, Abi Ferrin, Leona and Sand were scheduled to show their latest line that night at the Grand Avenue Worldwide building.  As practice began it was clear that the energy was already building for the show.  The models walked with excitement in every move and the lighting was fine tuned to bring out every detail of the fit and finish of the clothing.  A few practice photos captured the buzz and spoke volumes that this night was going to be one of the best nights of Nashville Fashion to date.  As the show started, there were no disappointments.  The makeup and hair were excellent, models walked with poise and the clothing was stellar.  A photo recap has been added to this site with a few of the best shots of this night.  It was electric.